SUSTCON WORKSHOP III Alkali Activated Materials and Geopolymers

Tuesday 3rd November 13h30 TU Delft, building 23 (CT) room 2.62
From all the Non Portland Cement concrete binders, the Alkali Activated one’s seem to be most promising.
But there are several different one’s with their particular properties, not in the least the practicalities of having a real chance to become a serious contender to Portland cement related binders on the market.
It is time now to sort things out and focus on what we feel we will encounter on the market.
It will also be a useful stepping stone towards a scientific RILEM conference to be held next year on the subject. 
Since SUSTCON uses the principle that not HOW but WHAT is produced (performance based) we do not want to go into details of composition but will only do some classifications of the AAM’s/Geopolymers. 
Dr. Angel Palomo will give a presentation on the subject. He promotes also a hybrid AAM/Portland binder system. He is starting up now a factory in Mexico but will be with us in Delft on Tuesday 3-11. Operations in Uganda, incorporating Bio Based Binders, is realistic now.
Further, we will have the particular input of Michiel Haas, Siska Valcke and Guang Ye.